Everything 2D

I specialize in 2D digital art, but my academic coursework is heavily involved in software engineering, computer science, and game development. For class projects, I’ve done a lot of UI art and design implementations in code.

But I pursue everything to do with 2D - graphic design, UI/UX, you name it.

Graphic & Web Design

I have designed logos, brochures, and websites for various academic programs. Following existing brand guidelines while adding a creative flair is not a problem for me.


UI & Game Development

In game development, one can wear many hats! I worked on many game projects outside of my academic curriculum, designing user interfaces and providing 2D art assets for my teams.


Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Short and cute animation videos? 2D cutscenes for games? Using my background in indie film productions, videos give me no trouble.


Let Me Design for You!

Email me at vbarinova97@gmail.com
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